Reader is tanjiros younger sister who is also a demon slayer just like him.

Yandere douma x reader first kiss

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But while I was walking I felt like many eyes were watching me, not like people glancing but glaring. . . Dorm leaders with Asmodeus like s/o.


Douma loves sleeping with you.



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He wants to get rid of these disgusting feelings.

First published Jun 01, 2021. He won’t bring it up at all if you’re not a slayer in the first place. Douma (Kimetsu no Yaiba)/Reader. .

. . (y/n)(l/n) is a normal girl who spends most her days watching anime or reading manga and fanfics.

Unfortunately for you , you did not feel the same way about Douma.
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Douma just wants his beloved back. YANDERE! HXH x reader.

. yandere douma who keeps you in luxury, you don’t need to lift a finger.

And boy, the self-loathing sessions he would have and the guilt he would feel.

He had never even thought of hurting you, no, you were the only exception - the only one he’s planned on letting happen to you was to grow up old and clueless by his side. He is incomplete without you so are you.




. Discover more posts about yandere douma x reader. 11 parts Ongoing. It's like my other Douma x Akaza Story supposed to take things slow and have mostly fluff.

. . Douma is a yandere as well as Tanjiro. .


Demon capable of submitting even to creatures weaker than you, just to feel essential to someone's life, to feel you belong to someone. 11 parts. Of course during the winter blood is sho.

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Old crush) 35 pages December 17, 2017 Shirlypop.

You, the Emperor's only and favorite daughter are framed for treason alongside your mother. He won’t bring it up at all if you’re not a slayer in the first place. Summary: You kiss your lover for the first time; This is their reaction.

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Douma loves to explore how you affect his emotions.

4K 47 10 Who would have guessed that such an exceptional fighter such as Y/N would have attracted the THE Muzan Kibutsuji's attention at such a young age but here she is a centur. 11 parts Ongoing. . yandere! au.