Q Do I have to keep my hedges neat and tidy? A There's no general legal requirement to maintain your hedges, or even keep them at all.

Boundary hedge law scotland

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. Ongoing hedge management will preserve these important habitats, which provide food and shelter for birds, butterflies and mammals, and shade for livestock. We handle Hedge Disputes throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset and further afield from our offices in Salisbury, Fordingbridge Andover and Amesbury. If someone is cutting a hedge during this period, speak to them and politely mention the risk to birds’ nests, and the laws protecting nests.

You can search the land register by postcode or by map.


These original field boundaries provide a vital habitat and refuge for a wealth of farmland wildlife.

Hedges and the law.


Hedge ownership; Boundary hedge maintenance; Obligation to fence; Branches and roots; Tenant and landlord; Nuisance; Tree Preservation Orders;.

. High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 Hedges are a frequent source of dispute between neighbours, and in an attempt to create a solution, this act came into force in 2014. . .

Under section 22 of the High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 the local authority can organise for someone else to enter the land and deal with the high hedge. 9781787814943. Hedges are an integral part of our landscape and our culture.

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This will normally include the addition of trellis panels on top of an existing fence if this takes the overall height to above 2m. We can also use other methods, such as tinting a whole area, where.

Published 31 January 2019. .

Dec 5, 2014 · There isn’t a straight forward answer.

. Hedges are an integral part of our landscape and our culture.


Problems could include, for example, if you think a hedge is too high or branches from your neighbour’s tree are overhanging into your garden.


Physical structures such as a hedge or fence can mark the boundary. 01425. . 2019 revisions to the guidance for local authorities on the High Hedges.

. Jan 18, 2023 · Hedgerows and field margins. Hawkes, where a Charolais beef steer was found to have run onto a dual carriageway after first jumping a 6ft high fence and running for over a mile through further hedges and fences. If it’s on the boundary between properties, you’ll need.

Add 1 metre to get the action hedge height.

A recent boundary dispute in the Court of Appeal has provided a useful reminder not only of the Court’s approach in boundary disputes, but also of the relevance of the “hedge and ditch” rule is establishing the position of a boundary. . It’s important to work out what the legal boundaries are, as these will help you resolve a dispute.

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The height of your neighbour’s trees and shrubs is negatively affecting your enjoyment of your garden or home.

Working out your boundaries. 2019 revisions to the guidance for local authorities on the High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013. If you rent your home, talk to your landlord.

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If you and your neighbour disagree about a problem with a tree or hedge, it’s best to try to resolve things informally.

Fence ownership rules can become a little complex in the UK. The Act allows owners or occupiers to apply to their. An aggrieved neighbour can apply to the local authority for a “high hedge. .