This virtual learning course covers theater rigging practices drawing from ESTA and ANSI standards and ETCP outline established practices.

Theatre rigging course

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. Application of the unit. . A large part of that is making sure that you use the right stage & theatre rigging equipment.




offers classes to meet that need through To the Moon Rigging.

A range of technical production personnel involved in live entertainment events and productions apply the skills and knowledge outlined in this unit.

. Theatrical Rigging Equipment. . Mar 14, 2023 · Basic Rigging Training Course #1 - Basic Rigging.

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The Essentials of Camera, Lighting & Electric, Field Audio, and Grip. LearningStage.

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Whether you are in the theater, volunteering for your house of worship or are a professional who is working your way up to sold-out. .

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1 Learning Modules $15. Get updates on upcoming courses and special member discounts by joining with nearly. . One Day Work at Height with PPE Training.

. Request for a Rigging Safety Inspection. . Courses can be tailored to specific requests.

Our geared trolleys will allow you to move your equipment up and down the beams quickly and safely, and our hoists are designed to.

Practical Applications in Performer Rigging: (6 hours) This combination of lecture and hands on skills sharing to cover the basics of Performer Rigging for Aerialists, Stunt Performers, Coaches, Crew Members, Technical Directors and more. . Rigging Math Made Simple, the Arena Riggers Handbook, and The Theater Riggers handbook are all good resources.

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com Rigging System Design Guide n rigging SaFeTy as with any type of machinery, there are dangers if the system is not used correctly. com or call 800-727-7471. COMPLETE RIGGING SOLUTIONS.

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R. Both, open-access and closed-invitation sessions are available. ETC offers a wide variety of online training courses for technicians and operators on entertainment and architectural controls, hardware and software, rigging, power controls, and more – including some that offer credit! Learn More. R.