So, many people are asking if the woman is arrested or if she is charged with threatening and chasing people with knives.

Serbian dancing lady full video

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Like us on Facebook! Like 1. Sebagian orang mungkin merinding saat melihat video Dancing Lady Serbia. Serbian Dancing😈 Lady Real Hai Ya Fake | Serbian ☠️ Dancing Lady | Urban Legends👹 #shorts #ytshortsCover Topics :-1. .

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Watch the latest videos about #serbianladydancing on TikTok.

Today we look into the terrifying, real story about the Serbian dancing lady that has been spotted in Zvezdara, Serbia.

Here’s what we know about this creepy figure and see how different viewers are reacting to her.

. . However, many sources claimed that she was searched by the police several times but. .

. A viral video of a woman in a dress dancing in the streets has gone viral. .

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. A viral video has recently gained traction online, showing a woman dancing in the streets.

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The article claims that she chases anyone she encounters with a knife. Footage of a woman swaying her hips under the moonlight — dubbed the “Serbian dancing lady” — has become a viral sensation on TikTok.

Mar 21, 2023 · The Serbian dancing lady appears on a video on the TikTok app.


The Viral 'Serbian Dancing Lady' Is Scaring Everyone On Tiktok - YouTube.

Apalagi, dengan latar belakang suara yang menegangkan, sosok misterius Dancing Lady Serbia dapat menimbulkan perasaan cemas. In 2019, Serbian news site Serbia Today reported on a scary viral video spreading around social media. Browsing all 11 videos. TikTok video from DarkMoose (@darkmooseman): ""The Serbian Dancing Lady" Explained | What is The Serbian Dancing Lady? #scary.

. A viral video has recently gained traction online, showing a woman in a dress dancing in the streets. Like us on Facebook! Like 1. .

THE DISTURBING CASE OF THE SERBIAN DANCING LADY || Urban Legend || FING From TikTok to YouTube, the Serbian dancing lady is.

She later posted a second part of the video where the lady swings a weapon and charged at her. Share. 4M views.

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Reports say that Ljubisavljevic is well-known in the area because she loves traditional Serbian dance and performs at many local events and festivals.

8 million likes. jasonthores ¿Qué pasa si te encuentras con Baba Za Zvezdara?😨 #babazazvezdara #serbiandancinglady #parati. . The actress posted a video to IG, showing.