To help determine the locality-based pay adjustments for federal employees paid under the General Schedule (GS) pay system, the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (FEPCA) created the President's Pay Agent (Pay Agent) and Federal Salary Council (council) to annually recommend locality pay amounts to the President and modifications to locality pay areas (see figure.

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Aug 5, 2022 · The council’s recommendations must be approved by the President’s Pay Agent before taking effect. The Pay Agent’s report compares rates of pay under the General Schedule to non-Federal pay, identifies areas in which a pay disparity exists. The FBI reports that most are able to reach a GS-13 pay level within five years, which is $78,681 per year. The pay scale at OPM is.

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Revenue Agent (Former Employee) - United States - August 18, 2022. - learn everything you never knew there was to know about taxes. For more information see: OPM Locality Pay and Leave Tables. Pros.

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The report of the President’s Pay Agent lays the groundwork for future changes in this system. .

GS classification standards, qualifications, pay structure, and related human


2% GENERAL SCHEDULE INCREASE. . The actual pay rates for each locality area in 2022 will not be known until OPM posts the pay rates for each locality pay area. .

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The President's Pay Agent, a three-person panel comprising the Directors of the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management, and the Secretary of Labor, recommends to the President the boundaries of the pay areas and the amount of the locality-based comparability increase for each area. It discussed the five options for alternatives to the locality pay survey methodology that were included in the FSC’s May 2019 memorandum to the Pay Agent: (1) maintain the status quo—continue. Pros.

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. . As of 2012, approximately 25% of the Senior Executives Service earned below $160,000, less than some GS-14s and 15s.