They also have a smiley face carved into they're mouth, with blood.

Level fun wiki

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Partygoers will try to lure wanderers into Level Fun. =) Image of Level Fun. Level =), aka Level Fun is the third level players will encounter. .

It's possible to find balloons, confetti, colorful tables, and toys.

The Partygoers use Level fun as a bait level to, lure wanderers.

Level Fun is an infamous level, as it is the home of all the Partygoers.



Level ! Is one of the most dangerous wacky levels in the Backroom and one of the most entity-infested levels.

o Nível -Fun é um Nível onde muitos fantasmas de mortos das backrooms vivem,as salas são completamente escuras,mas em alguns Lugares,são claros,mas com luz Vermelha. After going through that hall, you'll see the arcade, where all of the extra fun activities are! You can play some of the arcade games here and win fun prizes! You can even play other kinds of games like darts, chess, Connect 4, tug of war, and alot more! Get your funny party hats and jam out to our music because it will play all the time here!. . This is the only automatic trigger on the map.

Partygoers will try to lure wanderers into Level Fun. Flashing red lights are present at. Level FUN requires 7 resets and level 70 to fight.

There are many partygoers that are planning to end you, but whatever you do don't eat any cakes or try leaving through doors.
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It is easily accessible but hard to get out of in one piece. com/wiki/Level_Fun@Queve "T.

com/wiki/Level_Fun http://backrooms-wiki.

The Partypoopers decided to start a riot on them which sparked a war on the 6th and 7th day of September, 2020. There is also a secret playroom hidden behind one of the drawings.

Level Fun is the main habitat and main base of the Partygoers.

Armor Sets and Locations.


So i’ve been learning more about the backrooms lately, and i wanted to learn a bit more about level fun, but when you bring up the wiki, it just says the page is restricted by M. Level Fun is extremely dangerous, and has a very high spawn rate of. Level Fun is a trap level. The walls of Level Fun =) depict smiling faces and various children's drawings, coming in a variety of colors.

. They are slow. There is a. These are the Partygoer and the Partypooper.

Level Fun is the main habitat and main base of the Partygoers.

Level Fun is an enigmatic level in the Backrooms. We are a community focused on making our wiki near perfect. It was added in Version 1.

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Lots of cake and cookies and almond water.

. The partygoers of the fun level. . Entity Number: 5 Danger level: Completely Dangerous Partygoers are yellow humanoid entities, with they're head looking like a paper bag.