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The fried liver has one of the worst performance ratings amongst the openings with more than 100 games played, despite having a 78% success rate, largely because it rarely gets used at the master level, so games in the database are mostly between lower level players.

Chess opening explorer.

It's a sophisticated way of stalling for time.

Best Chess Openings: The Nimzo-Indian Defense. e4 openings, the Queen's Gambit usually evolves into a strategic game rather than an all-out tactical battle. Despite being around for centuries, this opening is still one of the cornerstones of every elite players' repertoire. Opening Master chess databases are an invaluable resource for chess players of all levels, from beginners to seasoned.

Over the last decades, the FIDE World Cup in Composing has been one of the most important events to inspire new masterpieces, and this year’s edition is no exception. Statistics. 7 percent in the previous month.

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Starting with an introduction to the essential basics, we will guide you through a journey of. The King’s Indian Defense is an opening for black that mirrors the King’s-Indian Attack for white.

Opening Master. The Queen's Gambit is one of the oldest and most reputable 1.

e4 e5) The Queen’s Gambit Declined.

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Then in the top right where it says game archive, hit explore games, and it will show all your games which you can filter by time control etc.



Search position. For the most drawish openings, he writes this: The Exchange Slav (D14) dominates this category like no variation dominates any other category. com home where it shows your recent games, click on the top where it says completed games. (See table 1.

3 million moves from chess grandmaster games and gives you a survey what ever has been played by strong human chess players. This page should give you a good idea on what openings and variations are the most successful for white and black. . Enter opening moves on the chess board below to see the name of that chess opening and to get statistics from human Grandmaster games for every moves.

Nf3 has the benefit of preventing Black's 1.

Connecticut had 104,000 job openings in March 2023, compared to 98,000 openings in February, the U. e4 e5: 63%: 31%:. Data about analyzed chess games from YottaChess database Statistics by opening name Clicking on the ECO code (opening nomenclature) will take you to the chess opening.

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With our Opening Explorer you can browse our entire chess database move by move obtaining statistics about the results of each possible continuation.

(See chart 1 and table. Data about analyzed chess games from YottaChess database Statistics by opening name Clicking on the ECO code (opening nomenclature) will take you to the chess opening. .