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Carburetor needle clip

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Place needle clip in mid-position. 98. . 99.




LENGTH: The needle length is determined by the clip position (grooves at top of needle) setting on the upper portion of the needle.


Raising the clip will lean out the mixture.

93. Best way to set it is get the bike ticking over then turn it in or out until you get the highest speed of tickover. Subscribe. With a non standard carb you are in for some real fun.

You can now either adjust the needle clip position or replace the needle with another one. This lets the float pull the needle out, eliminating sticking. Needle or needle jet is correct: Carburetor should run clean to approximately 3/4 throttle.

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NEEDLE CLIPS. Mike's Carburetor Parts, https://www.

$12. .

This clip, attaches to the float needle and then the float.

00. Turn the adjusting screw 6-8th of a turn out.

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Use:- WW90406.

The end of the needle has a circlip.

. This Is the correct and simple way to change Jet needle e clip. . Description.

Dec 25, 2020 · Some but not all carburetor kits include a clip that attaches the float to the needle. . . .

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To find exact needle clip fits look up the specific needle via needle selection.

Add to Cart. Make sure when you reassemble the cap (#21) the spring is not scrunched and the diaphragm (#23) is is place. Mikuni needle clips.

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Dynojet needle clip.

. 0 Needle jet 10 * These are changed during initial testing. needles function has a large effect on the carburetors jetting from ¼ to ¾ throttle. Mikuni needle clips.