Jan 16, 2019 · For a right-handed bowler, the 7-pin is its own shot.

7 pin spare shooting

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Work the spare ball until you can comfortably hit every single pin spare and you'll be fine 99% of the time. . . but a lefty who leaves the 10-pin then gets to use the 7-pin spare chart because his odds for.

Stand at the far right, aim for the third arrow, roll the ball hard and straight.


Sometimes I will aim for the reflection of the pin on the lane if I cannot focus at the arrows.

This personalized spare system will travel to any bowling center under any condition.

If you start throwing a strike ball you run the risk of misjusging a pattern or transition and opening the frame.


. . Spare ball 100% of the time. You can create a second path for the 7 pin and move 3 boards left for each pin or pocket but I basically use one target and rotate my feet about it.

. . Bowling is a game of percentages.

Move another 3 boards to the right for the 4 pin and yet another 3 boards right to cover the 7 pin off of your strike shots.
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Bowling Beyond the Basics system; 6. With the premium on spare shooting being accuracy, logic.

Basic 3-6-9 Spare System: Moving Left. Scott is considered a tweener player and he stands the furthest right utilizing more right to left angle when shooting at the 7 pin.

Which system should I choose? 9.

Aug 26, 2018 · Watch me rap a little and teach you how to make the 7 pin and the 10 pin. .

You’ll notice you almost never miss the 6/10 if the 7 is with it and in the very same game, chop it if the 7 pin isn’t there.


More often than not, your local bowling center does not have the technology to set up spares for you to shoot at during your training sessions.

This is for the right handed one handed bowler. Shooting a 10 pin. . 9% for 88 attempts to convert the.

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While there was no distinction between attempts by right- or left-handed players, the most common spare was the 10 pin.

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Those are just some basic examples of spare shooting in bowling. The PBA washout (1/2/4/6/10) 4. Note: This article is only available to Bowling This Month subscribers.