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Servant of The Most Merciful For speaking requests please email bookings@duniashuaib.

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She is on a mission to empower Muslims by integrating the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as principles of psychology.

She is working on her bachelors in Islamic Studies with Mishkah University.


Guided Hearts Institute was founded by Ustadha Dunia Shuaib to fill a void in our communities. . . 6K Likes, 49 Comments.

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Dunia is a profound speaker.

Omar Shahin at the Graduate Theological Foundation.


Why Me? Dunia Shuaib - MASCON 2018~~~~~💖A question often asked when times are tough. Breath. and shala download that. .

. Ustādha Dunia Shuaib is a passionate and ongoing student of sacred knowledge and Islāmic psychology, the founder and executive director of Guided Hearts Institute, an educator, internationally renowned lecturer, and author. 30. .


#duniashuaib #islamicreminders #ramadan #ramadhan #muslim #muslimtiktok #hadith #ameen #quran #foryoupage #muslimah. Dunia is a psychoeducator, author, speaker, and host of Deen with Dunia. In-person only, this session helps alleviate pain and treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions.