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Delaminated caravan window repair

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The two halves of one of the polyplastic double glazed front windows in my 2005 Elddis Odyssey has 'come apart' allowing water to enter the window cavity.

Small repairs can be done by using a sharp knife and cutting away the damaged fiberglass and repairing the insulation underneath.


Then you just have to use a little auto body filler to repair the hole. . I've subsequently been researching solutions to this problem. TENSOL 12 Acrylic Adhesive, 50ml Bottle/Perspex Bonding Glue Cement – Buy Now.

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Usually you have to remove the struts from the window by inserting something like a precision screwdriver in the pin hole on the handle and sliding up, then from the outside lift the window though 90 degrees and gently pull to remove the top of window from the chanel, refitting is reversal.
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. As we mentioned earlier, delamination is when the two acrylic panes separate.

. We have repaired hundreds of windows with a 100% success rate!.


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Apr 5, 2007 · Hello, Wonder if anybody has repaired/re-glued a delaminated rear wall on a caravan please? The rear wall of our van is in 3 sections with a plastic "Joint Strips" inside the van across the middle section with the Aluminium "Skin" stuck to the outside across all three sections, only problem is that the "Skin" has delaminated just under the window at the top of the second section from the top.

A total cost of £315.

I’m not going to do a blow by blow account of how to repair a delaminated window as I don’t know if this is even going to work, but my. We can repair your delaminated glass/windows! This requires a process we have developed over the last several years. To extract the particles I used a small plastic pipe (off a garden watering system) connected to a vacuum. .

. . The big one was to repair the front window. Wipe the crack with a dry rag to make sure it’s clean and dry.

WC105 is a versatile, single-part adhesive suitable for (or known as): Repair of delaminated caravan windows.

Caravan window De-lamination repair. Here are my top tips and tricks I learned that may help you wit. First and foremost, delamination is caused by moisture that seeps between a vehicle’s wall layers, which leads to bubbling and corrosion.

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. . TENSOL 12 Acrylic Adhesive, 50ml Bottle/Perspex Bonding Glue Cement – Buy Now. .